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Peek-a-view canvases provide children with a window to their own unique world. These art pieces have all been created by ‘eSBY’, the mum-and-son duo Brigitte and Shane.

With Brigitte’s amazing fine art skills combined with Shane's creative strengths; graphic design and art direction, they were able to make their dream of creating children's art pieces a reality. Introducing... 
'Peek-a-view: Art For Little Ones'.

It began when Shane’s friends welcomed a newborn baby into the world. Shane wanted to congratulate them with something unique and personal. So, he turned to the one person he knew could help – his mum. Shane sketched up a scene, Brigitte painted it, and after overwhelming positive feedback, it sparked the idea to do more.

After a lot of hard work, research and development, Brigitte and Shane found the perfect formula to make this dream a reality. Using a mixture of technology and artistry, Brigitte and Shane’s artwork can now be reproduced onto canvas as a digital print. To the naked eye, it looks like the original piece of art. Nobody, including the keen eye of a baby will notice the difference.

They come in three sizes to fit and match any nursery or wall. Bigger people may even get a kick out of these too - the Peek-a-view range doesn’t discriminate. 


Open up a window to your imagination today.


Check out the views

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